PIPS School System

Management Profile

Brigadier (Retd.) Muhammad Ijaz Akbar (Late)

Founder Pakistan International Public School, PIPS

The Late Brigadier (Retd.) Muhammad Ijaz Akbar, after a successful career in the Pakistan Army Education Corps, first established PIPS (Pakistan International Public School) Abbottabad in 1983. His last assignment in service was as the Principal of the renowned Army Burn Hall College in Abbottabad. He possessed a select degree of Educational Management from London (UK), which led him to inculcate new visions in academic curricula and human resource development, starting from the very grass-root level. PIPS has always been symbol of Academic Excellence; is consistently achieving high grades in all BISEs.
PIPS with their self-owned Branches could only expand to a few cities. A franchise model, PIPS School System, was therefore introduced by Mr. Muhammad Anjum Umar (Founder’s Grandson) following in his grandfather’s footsteps to spread quality education across Pakistan and overseas.

Ms. Shaista Ijaz Akbar

Patron in Chief

Ms. Shaista Ijaz Akbar, daughter of the Late Brigadier (Retd.) Ijaz Akbar, is an educated and progressive Muslim, possessing an enriched exposure of International and local educational methodologies, curriculum & syllabuses. She has always been focused on carrying forward her father’s educational initiative, preserving his legacy, expanding the program and continuing his work for the benefit of the community. Ms. Shaista Ijaz Akbar is the inspiration of the PIPS School System team developing an exclusive educational model with a higher adaptability, yet keeping all procedures contemporary. She envisages and makes sure  that the PIPS School System Network always places focus on incorporating the fast pace of global academic developments in science and technology, without losing focus on our basic Islamic and cultural values.

Mr. Muhammad Umar Farooq


Mr. Muhammad Umar Farooq is a US qualified, senior transnational banker, who has gained immense knowledge and unparalleled exposure by travelling across the globe in his 40 year long career. His last assignment was the Chief Operating Officer, Khushhali Microfinance Bank established under Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper in 2001 by Government of Pakistan. This financial inclusion lead him to extensively interact with the lower middle class in the urban and rural areas of Pakistan along with other social development sector institutions. He unswervingly believes that education is the only means that can to uplift the middle class, a true backbone of any nation, which in reality is the only investment that is truly worthwhile.

Mr. Muhammad Anjum Umar

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Muhammad Anjum Umar is a business development professional who has a demonstrated history of working in the academic franchise management industry. His MBA in International Business (Birmingham, UK), equipped him with negotiation skills, administrative purview, team capacity-building, strategic planning and organizational scaling. Mr. Anjum initiated the development of a scalable model of PIPS, by dedicating over a decade of his life to carefully formalizing the ISO Certified Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), testing pilots projects, modifications and eventually rolling out of PIPS School System branches. The franchise setup has been structured, allowing an ease of understanding for all franchisees; designed to be implementable and manageable for anyone with a passion of educating the masses.