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Are you passionate about shaping the future of education? Do you dream of empowering young minds with a world-class academic experience? Look no further than PIPS School System, a name synonymous with over 25 years of educational excellence.

What makes a PIPS Franchise your best choice?

Proven Excellence: With a legacy of an educational prowess spanning over 25 years, PIPS School System has garnered a reputation for delivering top-notch education.

Quality Assurance: Our ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certification guarantees that you’ll be part of a franchise system committed to the highest quality standards in education.

Trademarked Recognition: As a registered trademark, the PIPS School System brand stands for trust, innovation, and credibility in the educational landscape.

Elite Syllabus: Affiliated with the esteemed Oxford University Syllabus, our curriculum ensures that students receive an internationally acclaimed education.

Cutting-Edge Approach: Embraced by an activity and project-based learning curricula, we harness modern teaching methodologies that foster creativity and critical thinking.

Tech-Savvy Learning: With a centralized system of online management and a customized portal for school management, we are at the forefront of educational technology.

Attendance & Engagement: Successfully implemented a bio-metric/card reader attendance system and continuous engagement for parents through our dedicated mobile apps.

Nurturing Talent: We encourage students to shine on a national level through participation in nationwide competitions and with options to embark on enriching international trips.

Nationwide Network: Join our extensive franchise network, spread across Pakistan, including Islamabad, KPK, Punjab, and Sindh; and soon expanding internationally as well.

Supportive Ecosystem: Benefit from an efficient branch supervisory system, continuous training and workshops for staff at all levels.

Entrepreneurial Journey: Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit by opening not one, but multiple branches within your allocated radius, with just 50% of the initial franchise fee.

At PIPS School System, we don’t just educate; we inspire. If you’re driven to provide quality education, shape young minds, and be a part of Pakistan’s premier educational network, seize this opportunity to become a franchisee. Together, let’s create a brighter future, one student at a time.

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