PIPS School System

For over two decades, we have been committed on providing top quality education to each and every student, guiding him/her towards a prosperous future.

"Enter To Learn, Go Forth To Lead."

Education enriches one’s soul and polishes the personality, guaranteeing successes and progress in the journey of life. PIPS School System is not only a school but a mission to impart quality education which is consistently and inventively revised. Training and refreshers for teaching staff is the highest priority of the PIPS School System Management to coup up with the ever-growing challenges of today's Academics. Since its inception decades ago, PIPS School System has always modelled its branches to be contemporary yet have a very affordable approach towards imparting knowledge. Our Schools are being geared up to be the best school in urban as well as rural areas of Pakistan, and that is our end-objective.
PIPS School System consists of three stages; Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Sections. The modern concept of "Activity based and Deep Learning" are applied at Kindergarten and Primary levels to strengthen children's basic concepts and understanding using text books and various teaching methodologies. The Management understands that transforming Classroom/School Learning experiences into personality grooming now poses new challenges for all stakeholders i.e. teachers, students, parents and society, but we believe together we can foster better humans. A child starting schooling at early age, all the way till graduation spends roughly a million minutes at school, and what they learn at school is essentially the sum of what they learn during each of those one million minutes. The schooling age is no doubt a critical stage of character building. Students at PIPS School System with the assistance of an ISO Certified System of educational excellence, associated instructive local and international partners, qualified and experienced teachers, and with the constant support of parents, learn at least three times more each year than students from other schools.

Chairman's Message

PIPS School System firmly believes that education is that the basic right of all humans living in this world, notwithstanding their social background. An educated nation is consistent in its economic viability. Education additionally combats unemployment, confirms sound foundation of social equity, awareness, tolerance and spreads political, social and cultural vitality. PIPS School System is committed to the reason behind educational excellence for over twenty years, and thousands of its alumni are serving at world famed institutions across the world. Our objective is innovatively developing our students to fulfill the ever growing competitive surroundings of life. Today’s learners in this world are extraordinarily fast-paced, perpetually ever-changing, more and more culturally various, technology driven and electronic media-saturated. Similarly, the educating patterns should innovatively maintain the pace; PIPS School System academic ways adequately address these challenges. Read More

PIPS School System

Our School's Vision

Provision of an environment conducive to learning, where all our students can succeed, become responsible and contributing members of the society. And the development of an aptitude in them, that will allow them to meet personal, professional and civic challenges in their upcoming futures.

Our School's Mission

Maximize the potential of every student, through an active partnership between our students and the school. We aim to achieve this by providing a positive, secure and caring atmosphere, where individual differences are acknowledged and appreciated, and by the promotion of mutual respect, understanding and effective communication.


The PIPS School’s 1st branch started imparting knowledge in Gujranwala in 1995, led by its Chairman Mr. Umar Farooq; followed by the model branch; Hiran Minar Campus that was inaugurated in Sheikhupura in 1999, in affiliation with BISE Lahore.

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