PIPS School System

Our Motto

Enter To Learn, Go Forth To Lead


Provision of an environment conducive to learning, where all our students can succeed, become responsible contributing members of the society and developing their aptitudes which will allow them to meet personal, professional and civic challenges in their upcoming futures.

Honour Code

“PIPS is my school, 

I have the responsibility to make it a good place to be and learn, 

I will always keep my school neat and tidy, 

I will use self control in my actions and language, 

I will treat myself and others with care and consideration, 

I will always be truthful, honest and fair with others, 

I will not only speak but listen as well, 

And will put forth my best effort in all that is to be done.”

About Us

PIPS School System’s academics are focused on being child-centered, developmentally appropriate, highly integrated and offers enhanced learning for its students. To give your children the best education possible, it is essential that the set curriculum provides them with a variety of learning opportunities and experiences that are based on assessment information from their strengths and needs. With over 2 decades of schooling understanding and educational strategy implementation, we have been working professionally to provide a broad, stimulated learning experience that supports our average student in; achieving excellent speaking, reading and writing skills, evolving a groomed personality with a disciplined life style, growing an interest in a wide range of positive extra and co-curricular activities, and a quest to seek knowledge and awareness.

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Our Campuses

We are one of the few schools in the country that is supported by a Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015 Certified Head Office, guaranteeing that no matter where our students study, every campus provides them with a refined academic curriculum and environment. We make sure our students receive a personalized learning experience, benefiting from one-to-one interactions with our specialized faculties who ensure growth opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

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